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Top Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Cleaning Business

Your marketing plans are essentially the make-or-break factor when beginning a new firm. In this article, we’ll teach you how to utilize local marketing resources to the fullest extent possible to promote your cleaning services.


You should practise networking with people in your community when you launch your new cleaning company. A solid network will be seen favourably by those you network with and, by extension, by those they network with, whether it be with clients, suppliers, your accountant, or local organisations. Even if the people you network with directly don’t wind up as your clients, you might be able to offer your services to people in wider networks. There are several strategies to increase networking opportunities:

  • Market Expos: Trade exhibitions are a terrific way to network, meet potential customers, and learn more about local company rivals and suppliers. You might think about renting a booth to advertise your company and your goods, spend some time meeting locals, and grow your brand. To get people’s attention, you can even consider holding a contest.
  • Sign up for a community organisation: There are many associations maintained by neighbourhood residents that can assist persons starting new businesses in spreading the word and connecting with other new company owners. A few associations exist as well, enabling people to network with neighbours. Check your local newspaper for any notices of meetings being held by organisations or associations in your community. You might want to think about creating a group or association if there aren’t any already in your community and enlisting the support of other nearby businesses.

Organize a referral programme

You’ve probably seen a lot of bigger businesses and enterprises conduct referral programmes for their consumers where they reward their current customers in some way. A new local firm like yours can benefit greatly from this type of initiative, which is not just for large corporations. It can be configured however you like to meet your needs. If a client refers a set number of new clients to you, you might give them a free clean or a discount on their clean or service. In the short term, it might appear to be an expensive method of expanding your clientele, but in the long run, your clientele will grow significantly.

Promote in your neighbourhood

Even though canvasing the neighbourhood can seem like a laborious chore, it can greatly increase the number of customers you have. By personally meeting and conversing with people when door-knocking at their homes and places of business, you can give your marketing a more personal touch. As most people will be returning from work in the evening, it is the ideal time to do this. Don’t knock on the doors of persons who have signs saying they don’t want salespeople knocking, and refrain from hanging around if they don’t answer (even if you can see or hear people inside). Leave a brochure or flier in the letterbox or under the door to let them know you’ve come by. This is a fantastic step to take if you enjoy socialising and meeting new people.

Collaboration with other companies

A great method to expand your clientele and network is to collaborate with other nearby firms by developing partnerships with them. Both businesses will gain from a collaboration that benefits both parties. For instance, you can gain from working with a nearby car wash since they will be able to recommend your cleaning services for their clients’ homes, and you will be able to refer your own clients to the car wash company. Carpet cleaners, landscapers, builders, renovators, and even real estate companies are other fantastic companies to collaborate with. Make sure to pick a company to associate with that you can honestly suggest and that you are confident will provide high-quality services.

Use budget-friendly advertising

There are many possibilities when it comes to marketing and promotion for your new company that can cost a fortune. But this does not have to be the case. There are great ways to market your services on a tight budget. It can be as easy as printing some t-shirts with your brand on them to give to employees and clients, posting flyers and posters on neighbourhood bulletin boards, and managing your social media. One of the simplest methods to spread the word about you is via social media. Start by creating business accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also hold competitions for those on social media and offer special discounts to those who “follow” you on the websites.

Talk to real estate agents

Real estate agents are a terrific place to start. Real estate agents frequently have access to a wide range of residential and commercial properties. Before an open house inspection, certain houses may require a fast clean, or a misbehaving renter of a residential property may have abandoned an apartment in less-than-ideal condition after breaking the terms of their lease. If you’re friendly with the local real estate and property managers, they’ll know to call you if they need a cleaning crew on call for a rental property. If they sell or lease commercial property to a company, they may then recommend your services to that company, which may lead to further jobs.

Establish a website

A website need not be extremely expensive to create and operate. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for your website to be maintained by an expensive graphic designer and web hosting company. Making your own website is a fantastic way to get started if you’re just starting out. Many websites online allow you to create a simple website with contact information, a booking page, and a blog so that people may call or email you directly (depending on where you build your website). Some of these websites allow you to customise the site to your preferences by purchasing your own domain name. When you’re ready, you can hire a company to manage your website, including the addition and updating of your online blog.

Keep learning

There’s always something new to learn when operating a business. Even long-established business owners are constantly searching for fresh opportunities to grow their companies. Equipment advancements, technological advancements, and the introduction of new items all occur frequently. Reading trade journals, both online and in print, attending conventions, attending trade exhibitions, and requesting your supplier to keep you informed about new goods and services that might be of interest to you are all simple ways to stay current.

Maintain a focus on quality

It’s simple to get into the trap of believing that you only go to work to clean things and collect money. This can occasionally result in burnout and a sense that your work isn’t valuable. Your job as a cleaner is crucial, and you shouldn’t forget to show your appreciation for the excellent work you’re doing and the freedom that comes with being your own boss. You’ll be able to deliver excellent results each time and make the job seem easier by cleaning and working as though the property is your own.

Build systems

Everyone performs various tasks in their own unique way. In order for everything to continue to function smoothly and without problems, you must carefully manage your cleaning processes. Having a specific procedure for completing these activities, whether it is the best way to clean a bathroom or how to vacuum and mop floor areas, enables you to complete them more quickly and accurately each time.

Don’t cut corners

It can be natural to desire to complete a task fast, especially if you are behind schedule. However, by doing this, you run the risk of making mistakes that could end up costing you more money in the long run. You prevent damage, breakage, or simple blunders, make sure to work attentively on every job. It is preferable to prevent accidents in the first place, even though a client might be understanding if one does occur. However, you are advised to also have cleaners insurance in place to cover you in the event things do go wrong.

Take good care of your staff

You might need to hire more workers to assist you as your firm expands and you start to add new jobs. Taking care of your employees will encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities. They’ll perform more effectively if you pay them well, treat them well, and provide them with the necessary training, bonuses, and incentives. Despite the fact that it may appear that giving them all of these benefits will undermine your profit, you will ultimately benefit far more. Your schedule will suffer less from “sick days,” and your staff will be more than willing to pitch in when necessary. Plus, they’ll be giving your customers greater service, which will lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

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