Hepsiav Others How to Ride a Skateboard – Involves: Pushing, Halting, Turning, and More

How to Ride a Skateboard – Involves: Pushing, Halting, Turning, and More


So when you know what stance you are, you can begin pushing on the skateboard.

To push effectively you need to have 1 foot on the skateboard at all moments. Place that foot by the nose. The perfect location to have your foot is above top of the front hardware. That way when you place your back foot on, you never need to have to transfer your entrance foot further up to make room for your again foot.

Your again foot will be the one particular pushing off the floor. Consider to preserve your back again foot relatively close to the facet of your skateboard. If your back foot is too much from the skateboard, you will shed your balance.


There are a few ways to end on a skateboard.

one) Drag

Dragging your again foot is effortless and efficient. With your entrance foot on the entrance of your skateboard’s hardware, just take your again foot off the skateboard and slowly and gradually drag your foot on the ground. Drag your back foot to the entrance-aspect of the skateboard relatively than the back again-facet. Dragging on the back-facet may possibly lead to you to get rid of management and trip in excess of the board.

two) Scrape

Possibly the most frequent way to quit. With your entrance foot on the entrance hardware and your back again foot on the tail of the skateboard, implement force to your back foot to scrape the tail on the concrete. The harder the stress, the quicker you will quit.

three) Powerslide

The most entertaining and most extraordinary way to stop. A powerslide is when the skater swings the again wheels of the skateboard 90 degrees to fulfill the front. After the skater is facing forward he/she proceeds to slide, but with all 4 wheels. The skater will slide like this right up until he/she loses pace and arrives to a full end.

Tip: Wind your shoulders up the opposite way you will slide. This will permit you to slide the again wheels less difficult.

four) Wander Off

Steer clear of this method of halting unless of course you completely have to. With some velocity you simply wander off the skateboard. Ideally, your skateboard will not travel too far and become a hazard for an individual else. It need to only be utilised if none of the other methods can be employed. Sure, you can stop quick, but it shows you’re an beginner.


There are two techniques to change on a skateboard: leaning and kick-switch.


Just lean with your bodyweight on one aspect of the skateboard. The much more you lean, the sharper you switch. If your vehicles are loose, considerably less force will need to have to be applied in buy to flip the board.


A Kick-flip is when you press the tail of the skateboard with your back again foot and guide your entrance foot in the direction you want to go. The ideal area to have your front foot is over best of the entrance hardware.

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A handful of apparent and a couple of innovative techniques to get on the skateboard.

Quit and Go:

From a non-relocating placement, spot your entrance foot on leading of the front components and thrust with your back foot

Hop On:

Stand a number of toes powering the skateboard. Get a bit of a operate and hop onto the skateboard. Make sure you line by yourself up to it or you may possibly bail. As you hop on to the skateboard, purpose your ft over leading of the hardware. This vast stance will give you greater balance. After you land on the board, bend down to absorb the landing. Journey off.

Ride On:

For this one, hold the nose of your skateboard with one hand and lengthen your arm so the board is in entrance of you. The grip tape will be going through you. Get a number of measures ahead while nevertheless holding the skateboard in entrance of you. When you are prepared, you will area your entrance foot above prime of the front hardware as you fall the skateboard to the floor. Now, bring your again foot on to the board and location it over top of the again hardware.

Tip: Make confident your front foot is hovering over leading of the skateboard as you provide it to the ground. If you never, the skateboard can leap and flip in an unpredictable route.

Bomb Drop:

This one particular is comparable to the experience on. Commence off just like prior to. Keep the skateboard in entrance of you with your hand extended. As you bring the skateboard to your feet, leap on to it. You want to carry your ft to the skateboard and then deliver your skateboard to the floor.

Fall Flip:

This one particular is an amazing hunting trick. Keep the skateboard with your entrance hand so the vehicles are going through towards your physique. Fall the skateboard, grip side down, on to the concrete. The deck requirements to drop flat. If you do this properly, the skateboard will pop again up and do a fifty percent flip. When the skateboard rotates close to like a kickflip, soar onto the board and intention your toes onto the hardware.

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