Hepsiav Others Does indeed The VHS Tape Match On The Solitary DVD?

Does indeed The VHS Tape Match On The Solitary DVD?

When contemplating about transferring VHS tapes to DVDs, a single of the most widespread questions folks ponder is whether or not their VHS tape will fit on a regular DVD. It depends. After you read the comprehensive response below, you’ll be in a position to determine out the proper solution for yourself.

A normal DVD can maintain up to two hrs of movie. A VHS tape also holds up to 2 hours, as you can notify by the large 120 (minutes) number on the box. So the limited solution is Yes, most of the time, your VHS tapes will match on a standard DVD.


Even though a VHS tape suggests one hundred twenty (minutes) on the box, if you report in long-play, you can suit 2 times the quantity of video clip on it, that’s 4 hours of video clip. If you record in super-prolonged-perform, you can suit three occasions the quantity of online video on your tape, which is six hrs. Recording in lengthy-enjoy (LP) or prolonged-prolonged-enjoy (EP) gives you reduce quality video, why would folks do that? Simply because tapes utilised to be costly, and households save cash when they can squeeze much more residence films into a one tape.

Here’s yet another purpose why a VHS tape will not match on a DVD.

Most of the time, people will not fill the complete tape with movie. Most tapes out there only have a number of minutes of online video. Nonetheless,if you begin recording from the quite starting of the video clip tape to the very end of the tape, even on a VHS/VCR tape that claims one hundred twenty on the box, you can document an added 3-four minutes of video on the tape. Now, this tape will have 123 or 124 minutes of video clip and will no longer suit on a one common DVD.

So in summary, most VHS tapes will suit on a common DVD except if one) it was recorded in extended-play or two) it has more than 2 hours of video clip on it.

How can you establish if your house movie tape had been recorded in extended-perform or has above two hours of residence videos on it? The only way to find out is by popping it into a VCR participant, forwarding it to the stop (except if you want to watch your home motion picture in true time), and locating out for oneself.

A lot of of us never even very own a VCR participant anymore, what to do? If audio cassettes to mp3 are receiving your video clip tapes – no matter whether they are VHS tapes, Hi8, 8mm or miniDV tapes – transferred to DVDs at a specialist online video transfer lab, the lab report should notify you how extended they are, so there’s no need to find out for by yourself. If you are transferring your property motion pictures on your personal, you are going to have to get maintain of a VCR player and painstakingly rewind and ahead each 1 to the finish to uncover out. Then once more, if you are technologically-savvy and have picked to transfer your tapes to DVD on your possess, you will require to get a VCR-DVD recorder to do the transfer in any case.

Term of advice when transferring online video to DVD on your own: Be gentle, you might be dealing with fragile, decades outdated tapes, rewind and ahead on the gradual setting so the tape doesn’t snap.

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