Hepsiav Others Combating Mental Health Together with Becoming Covid-19-Immune – 3 Persuasive Scriptures

Combating Mental Health Together with Becoming Covid-19-Immune – 3 Persuasive Scriptures

If mental effectively-becoming is to prosper healthily, maximally and spiritually, particularly despair in the course of COVID, then our mental paradigms need to have adapting to integrate further stages of pure mental silence: recognition which facilitates disease-free consciousness and purifying transcendence.

Humanity has evolved beyond ‘copy n paste’ religious perception techniques, replaced now with experienced impartial contemplating — integrated souls working by way of spiritually developed intellects — a level of cosmic consciousness by means of which the heart ‘sees’, intuits [Actuality] beyond falsity.

But, here we need to be careful, for, even though probably abandoning official religion — for no matter what reason — is a personal decision, abandoning God is not a option even if we believe we have jumped ship abandoning God is not achievable for the reason of evolution and the countless rules of nature.

Evolution is a God-appointed process — the Transcendent which created the regulations of nature. This Transcendent Energy, via the company of evolution, proceeds operating inside of every single of us, guiding unto far more mature perceptions of internal Reality as independent from outer programming. In other words and phrases, notwithstanding ‘decision’ of perhaps to depart official faith, God-Power, by way of evolution, unceasingly operates In absolutely everyone for the reunification of the human soul back again to God — back again to Source AS Spirit Soul. A lot more on evolution even more on.

Self-Transcendence – Intuiting The Sacred

Coronavirus has still left a lot of intuiting for Sacred Immanence inside: self-transcendence in defeating COVID by normal or non secular means. rapid test signifies divine reaction to action, to what we can do nearly regards COVID and psychological well being.

More than ever, emergence of non secular leadership-understanding is called for globally. In this context, at individual level, the Sacred inside you needs YOU to generate Pure Considered area in our personal psychological atmosphere therefore develop self-immune consciousness: increase well being-emanating stillness whereby antibodies are speedily forthcoming in creating, not only a virus-cost-free consciousness likely forward, but comprehensive optimistic psychological overall health by normal means. To this outcome, self-transcendence simply implies rising over our worldly affairs – and associated consciousness — in meditation.

At functional level, the shift from human recognition unto Sacred consciousness — unto self-transcendence — involves only attuning our mental compass inward towards the realm of transcendental consciousness in meditation.

Establishing transcendental consciousness in the long run will arise victorious in defeating COVID, heralding the non secular-servicing technique to comprehensive mental / actual physical wellness in our personal existence, and globally heading forward.

In creating transcendental consciousness, esoteric scriptures without doubt are the dependable signifies on creating transcendental consciousness, whereby the born-into animalistic head normal can undergo adjust — alchemy from foundation degree ‘DE-pressed’ consciousness to operate blissfully or, transcendentally in ‘EX-pressed’ consciousness. Therefore, in relieving signs of psychological low power or mood fluctuation, the magic formula lies in the expression of bliss consciousness.

In expanding this mental overall health theme allow us decode three pivotal scriptures which have immediate bearing on this kind of matters plus resolution of this pandemic by natural self-immune indicates.

Luke nine-58 states:

‘Birds have nests, foxes have holes, but the Son of Gentleman has nowhere to lie down and rest’.

This intensely coded sentence is certainly not meant for literal surface area interpretation. Unless of course these ancient terms are recognized esoterically then their concealed gain — of building psychological health and COVID resilience by natural means – is misplaced at useful amount.

‘Birds’ listed here symbolize Genesis ‘fowl of the air’, they represent decrease nature believed styles: non-soul serving thoughts-sets which have ‘nested’ in the further thoughts, in the subconscious.

‘Foxes’ symbolize cunningness, divisiveness, selfishness, therefore, not seeking to be uncovered, they conceal in protected spots – in fox holes — to deflect detection.

As a result the ‘birds’ — reduced believed character — have created ‘foxholes’ in the further mind from exactly where to propagate negativity and low mental strength.

What is ‘son of man’ in relation to ‘birds’ and ‘foxes’?

Luke 9-fifty seven puts it:

“As they went on their way, a guy mentioned to Jesus, I will comply with you wherever you go”.

‘Following’ biblical Jesus implies replicating the symbolism for which the title ‘Jesus’ stands, which is, Ideal or Best Soul. In other words, Jesus represents Ideal Brain, the spiritually Enlightened consciousness – the God-provided Possible inside every of us.

The male in this scripture is symbolism for ‘son of man’, ‘son’ that means offspring of the mind’s lower nature – ‘man’ symbolizing head.

So, as divine status can only know By itself via Itself, biblical Jesus is revealing that the gentleman (carnal mind) cannot ‘follow’ Jesus, [Enlightened mind] AS ‘son of man’ into the kingdom of well being, pleasure and bliss consciousness, that these kinds of lower point out of brain is not compatible with divine consciousness.

‘Son of man’ signifies a unconscious legislation of lower head and its non-religious dynamic, such as ignorance of the supply of psychological / bodily health and COVID Immunity.

‘Son of man’ is symbolism for carry-over programming from prior lives which conditioning is rooted in duality consciousness, in opposites such as good-bad, enjoy-hate, like-dislike, achievable-impossible, such as negative or depressive attitudes regards therapeutic, well being and happiness.

With no potential for relating spiritually or lovingly, decrease nature in theory recognises only sick-overall health and negativity as opposed to Immutable Fact — interior healing, compassionate, transformative nicely-becoming and love-consciousness expression.

Hence the reason ‘son of man’ has nowhere to relaxation or lie down is since it is not attainable to do so: not feasible for reduce character to rest concurrently in pure consciousness.

Involution — Evolution in Relation to ‘Son of Man’

Humanity exists in cycles of involution / evolution eternally: Spirit descends – involution –into make a difference, types the bodily human body marking the commencing of ‘evolution’ the method back unto Wholeness. In this context, the human soul at delivery comes with a non-spiritually developed intellect, furthermore 5 senses of perception established at animalistic regular. We arrive below with the first ability of going through in carnal feeling consciousness only, the involution amount Through which we evolve and ascend AS higher consciousness.

Equipped originally in enduring by means of animalistic regular of perception, we are born with a non-discerning intellect which interprets ‘reality’ through conditioned consciousness. Therefore, like caterpillar-butterfly metamorphosis, evolving out of this son of mortal gentleman cocoon unto eternal Son of God consciousness and over and above, is the purpose of our existence on earth. By way of this seemingly extremely hard carnal/cocoon involution, individuals turn out to be remodeled from ‘son of man’ unto Angelic Son of God, thereby more soul evolution unto greater states of Spirit consciousness.

From the involution / evolution perspective we can see that humans must also arrive to earth with a non-totally created immune system.

In the context of establishing self-immunity – of defeating COVID normally — meditation without doubt is important and important.

Ignoring the soul’s yearning for religious evolution and optimum psychological overall health is causal of nearly all human mental suffering, struggling which has its genesis in residual persistent pressure and absence of larger-self-expression.

Until finally we awaken consciously from this involution slumber, the human soul remains underneath subconscious law, thus preserving ‘son of man’ standard in perpetuity: conditioned intellect with out ability of non secular discernment, with no Resolute psychological consciousness. Therefore, no spot which will give the head that which intuitively it is looking for, that of eternal bliss-well being consciousness now.

Meditation and the Immune Program

Tension compromises the immune technique, while, meditation — by creating higher ranges of antibodies to answer to and avoid prospective viral assault — generates immunity. Therefore, by creating transcendental consciousness and a pressure-free of charge physiology, regular daily meditation releases mature T-cells, lymphocytes or antibodies from the thymus gland to defend from overseas antigen invasion.

Meditation interrupts the result in cycle of psychological dis-simplicity and mood fluctuation. In this context, bypassing ‘the transcendent existing moment’ in meditation is a costly mental overall health oversight.

The actuality is, mental nicely-becoming exists presently within as possible bliss-consciousness — only needing infusion into the head. By dissolving residual subconscious tension, meditation expands the mind’s mindful potential of withstanding ever-deepening bliss-natured silence.

Mind-centring disciplines these kinds of as yoga and mantra meditation are invaluable in creating psychological security, mind coherence and capability of entire focus. Hence, concentration is an Result of meditation and not a need for its follow.

Meditation is seated yoga identified as raja (royal) yoga (unity). In this context, silently internal hearing the sacred audio AUM would be an excellent sound vibration for mantra meditation and mental stimulation.

Jesus said: Right after Judas (son of male / reduce-moi) experienced left (when the fox grew to become exposed):

“Now God’s glory is unveiled by way of him” Luke 13-31

Biblical translation: when ‘son of man’ normal gets to be surrendered in meditation, increased mind (‘him’) ascends unto ‘Son of God’ — woke up to the Sacred inside. ‘Son of God’ is a biblical title offered unto souls who, by way of internal meditative means, have conquered Goliath – ‘son of man’ within — thus redemption, salvation or, transcendence of human soul unto transcendental eternal consciousness.

Therefore the Mild which rids ‘son of man’ darkness — de-pressed consciousness — readily establishes bliss-psychological-overall health-consciousness, to include normal immunity to COVID.

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