Hepsiav Others 5 Preparations Before Celebrating A Wedlock Ceremony At Wedding Villa

5 Preparations Before Celebrating A Wedlock Ceremony At Wedding Villa


The island of Bali has a million beauties that always attract anyone to return to visit there. Not only for holiday purposes, but many people deliberately come to Bali to hold a wedding at a wedding villa. In order to have a wedding in Bali to run smoothly, here are some things that you need to prepare properly in advance.

Bali Wedding Preparation

  1. Manage Marriage Files

If you are from outside the island of Bali, you must prepare the marriage documents as best you can. You have to take care of the files that you need to prepare. It prevents various bad things, such as missing files and much more. In addition, also discuss with the party organizer and wedding planner so that there is no miscommunication.

  1. Make a reservation

No less critical to hold a wedding in Bali is to make a reservation in advance. Be sure to determine which villa you want to rent. Of course, if you’re going to get the best and ideal villa, before making a reservation, first study the facilities and services, and it makes it easier for you to choose the most suitable place to hold a wedding party.

  1. Guests You Invite

If you choose a wedding villa in Bali to hold a reception, you want to get a more awake and intimate atmosphere. In other words, the guests who come to your event are only the closest people. Therefore, you have to plan the number of guests who come according to your budget and needs. In addition, this determines the concept of the wedding event that you carry out.

  1. Wedding Photographer Services

A wedding is a happy moment for a couple. Therefore, you need to prepare a wedding photographer for the best wedding services – especially if you hold a reception outside the city. Villa wedding venues generally do not provide photographer services. Even so, you can ask the villa staff to find services around the villa.

  1. Catering Service

Villa wedding prepares catering services to entertain your guests. The menu available is also quite complete, ranging from Indonesian food, western food, children’s menu, etc. However, you can also bring your catering service to hold the wedding. Previously, it would help if you had approval and coordination from the wedding villa.

Your wedding reception will run smoothly if you have done all the preparations well. Choosing a quality villa wedding will make your special event more accessible. You can select the Surga Villa Estate, which is in Uluwatu. This villa offers a complete wedding package with professional staff and the best facilities.

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